Vineyards - Murphy, NC - #20

2011 White Wine

NOTTELY WT104067CF_SL168847Chardonel

A French Hybrid with fruit forward aroma and taste. It has multiple layers of citrus and stone fruit flavors. It has good acid balance (to the high end) that will last to the end of the taste. We elected to retain some residual sugar to give this wine an excellent overall balance. This wine has a body and flavor all wine drinkers can appreciate. Excellent alone or, paired with cheese, seafood, chicken, or pork. Best when served at slightly below room temperature (60), not too cold.

Priced at $15.00 a bottle, $5.00 / glass

NOTTELY WT104066CF_SL168847Chardonnay

This is a very brisk, bright, steely, naked, fruit forward wine. It hasn’t gone through malactic acid fermentation so you won’t find the buttery smell or taste. It is a very dry wine with good full body taste. It is crafted in the true “Burgodian” style. Serve slightly chilled (58-60)

Priced at $16.00 a bottle, $5.00/glass

NOTTELY WT104065CF_SL168847Riesling

We have two styles of Riesling for the 2012 release.

A dry German TROCKEN style  (gold top, yellow dot)  in limited quantity.

And an off dry, medium sweet Kabinett style (green top).

They are both well balanced full of fruit aroma and flavors. Serve cool at 55-58

Priced at $16.00 a bottle Dry, $14.00 a bottle Sweet, $5.00/glass